At this publishing workshop and talk, visitors are invited to co-create and examine cross-media publishing.

Using a thermal printer (receipt printer) as a point of departure, the visitors will become both the subject of an accumulating publication as well as the active content provider.

Thermo print has the characteristic of vanishing after a while. With an easy hack of the printer software, The Momentary Zine will capture the temporality and actuality of the printed matter. As the zine content accumulates verbally, by participants speaking into a microphone (using text to speech technology) the spoken word translates to text while an algorithm runs an automatized image search on google, grabbing some of the words randomly and adding corresponding images to the zine.

Come by, test it out, make a zine!

About Hackers & Designers:
Hackers & Designers is a community of developers, designers and artists based in Amsterdam. Their work is centered around hands-on workshops for design, art and technology practitioners and aims to stimulate a cross-disciplinary vocabulary and discourse about technology and innovation. H&D believe designers and artists, in a world becoming more digital, should be empowered with the tools of the digital realm.  Conversely, technologists should be more comfortable and effective in engaging in creative processes through familiarity with the vocabulary of designers and artists.

"The Momentary Zine," has been previously shown at Zinefest Berlin and at the Libre Graphics Meeting 2016 in London.

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Date / Time
Sep 29 | 18:00

Rally Ossington
12 Ossington Avenue, Toronto

LINE UP - The Gallery
Selby Gildemacher (The Momentary Zine )
Anja Groten (The Momentary Zine)
James Bryan Graves (The Momentary Zine)
Alison Lang (Broken Pencil)
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