Sjoerd ter Borg's project "The Invisible City" invites writers to create fictional stories in forgotten spaces. He has initiated this project a number of times in Amsterdam, inviting writers to vacant buildings, bomb shelters, bridge houses, and railway signal boxes. These projects create a poetic yet functional way of thinking about future city development while providing new narratives for buildings and areas either without prospect or about to embark on a new identity.

Working with a number of Toronto-based writers and photographers, Sjoerd ter Borg will take this project into an abandoned, iconic location in the GTA. Each piece of original work will be both discussed and presented during the FORMS Summit Sept 28-30, 2016.

Artist statement: When you ask an architect about the future of these places, they will come with a scale model, when you ask an entrepreneur you will be provided with a business plan, but when you get fictional writers perception of the place, it can be totally transformed. Whether the writers document the history of the place in an original way, makes it a stage of a story or describes a place by the smell, sound or feeling, in switching between fiction and reality, hidden features will unveil totally different aspects.

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Date / Time
Sep 30 | 13:00

Rally Ossington
12 Ossington Avenue, Toronto

17:00 Sjoerd ter Borg (The Invisible City)
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