ANIMA is a hyper-responsive interactive installation that senses human presence and modifies the environment accordingly through a coordinated array of light and sound cues. Creating a captivating and mysterious ambiance, ANIMA’s ever evolving visual form interprets body movement and responds to the observant with a wide range of audiovisual expressions creating a continuous exchange between viewer and sculpture. United in this perpetual discourse, the installation cultivates a shared experience of sensory communication with itself and its audience.

Creating a playful and eerie investigation into sentience, ANIMA’s abstract form challenges our understanding of communication between beings. Performing as both a metaphor for human-to-human relation and an analysis of awareness itself, ANIMA unveils new questions surrounding emergent communication with an artificial intelligence.

Presented by Absolut

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Date / Time
Sep 28 | 20:00

The Great Hall
1087 Queen St. W, Toronto

LINE UP - Lower Hall
09:00 Nick Verstand (ANIMA)
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