Visual Interactive designer Mattias Oostrik will discuss his project The Mutual Wave Machine, the first project developed at the Marina Abramovic Science Chamber in New York City.

An extension on the concepts that began Abramovic’s The Artist is Present series, the Mutual Wave Machine relies on members of the public to sit opposite each other - enclosed by an intimate capsule and equipped with EEG headsets - to share a silent "mutual gaze" as the equipment records their brain synchronicity. Visitors can directly experience and manipulate their internal efforts to connect or distance themselves from each other. This ‘connection’ is then visually communicated in real-time through live visual projections and sound within the capsule.

The installation stands on its own as an interactive art installation, allowing its participants to gauge their own communication skills in a visceral, intuitive way. But it also raises questions about the technological interfaces in our everyday lives, as well as our often unsatisfactory quest to understand ourselves and each other, both through scientific inquiry and through direct face-to-face communication.

Bring a friend and test out your ability to ‘get on the same wavelength’ with each other. It’s harder than you think.

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Date / Time
Sep 28 | 15:00

The Great Hall
1087 Queen St. W, Toronto

Matthias Oostrik (The Mutual Wave Machine)
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