The English-language online magazine Pop-Up City, based in Amsterdam-Noord, was launched in 2008 by Golfstromen's Jeroen Beekmans and Joop de Boer. With over 100,000 monthly readers and over 60,000 followers on social media, Pop-Up City has developed into one of the most acknowledged and trendsetting magazines about urban design and culture.

The term ‘pop-up’ refers to the ability of urban design to adapt to time and space. From the beginning, the platform has been focusing on a ‘softer’ paradigm in city-making — flexible and lightweight urban initiatives that provide small-scale improvements to cities. Their “A Guide To The Gentrification Frontline,” illustrates the frontline of gentrification in cities, provoking debate on this urban phenomenon and featuring crowdsourced geographic observations from local citizens on both sides of the battlefield. For Pop-Up City, these frontlines have always been interesting and intriguing as these are dynamic spaces where change is naturally happening constantly.

Recognizing that their definition of gentrification evolves primarily from their experiences in Amsterdam Noord, Pop-Up City decided to add Toronto and Brooklyn to the project and so developed as a case study on the localized impact of urban development across these locations. This talk will explore the dynamics of gentrification’s frontline identifying key indicators of acceleration through crowdsourced observations from local citizens in Amsterdam, Toronto and Brooklyn.  What can we learn from these findings?  Where is Toronto’s frontline? Is revitalization without gentrification possible?

Pop-Up City's work has been presented at MOMA in New York City, Mediamatic in Amsterdam and, most recently, Northside Festival’s Innovation Series in Brooklyn, where the Pop-Up City team began to map the gentrification frontline of the burrough.

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Date / Time
Sep 30 | 14:00

Rally Ossington
12 Ossington Avenue, Toronto

Jeroen Beekmans (Pop-Up City - The Gentrification Frontline)
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