Sergio Levels

Sergio Levels (Sandro Petrillo) is a Canadian based artist channeling energy into several creative endeavours. He contributes inspired work to Canada’s electronic music community, producing, DJing, designing, promoting and teaching electronic music production. His DJ sets quite often range in flavour but mostly waver in the house & techno realm with a lean towards the tracked out low end side of things. Heavily inspired by dub techno greats and loop based producers, his solo productions range from emphasizing the dance to deep ambient textures forever urging into the moodier territory. Over the years he has played alongside some of the most taste making and influential artists to grace the community as well as playing prime time slots at festivals such as Bass Coast Festival and Shambhala. A recent move to the great eastern city center of Toronto has lead Sandro into new realms of creativity. Joining the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Roster in 2015 and emerging into the thriving community that is Toronto.