Markus Heckmann

A Technical Director of Toronto’s Derivative (makers of the visual programming language TouchDesigner) since 2006, Markus lives and works in Toronto. At Derivative he works on commercial and artistic projects that range from major theme park attractions to public video installations and the development of full-fledged control applications like WhiteVoid’s KineticLights. Work on that winch and light control application culminated in the widely noted project GRID for Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke at Lyons’ 2013 edition of Nuit Blanche. Apart from project and development work, Heckmann is active promoting TouchDesigner and teaching its uses in the fields of art and technology to the interested public at festivals and conferences around the world. In 2008 raster-noton and Derivative joined forces for a unique collaborative project that focused on the realization of the label artists’ visual presentation during their audiovisual live shows using TouchDesigner. The work for Carsten Nicolai’s univrs eventually evolved into Heckmann working on three further large scale multiscreen installations: unidisplay, unicolor and most recently unitape. Heckmann’s personal endeavours have always tended to combine the aesthetic aspects of generative computer graphics with the almost physical aspects of light.

Sep 29 | 18:00 Rally Ossington