Jordan Mandel

Jordan Mandel is a Creative Media Instructor, Composer, DJ, and Sound Architect. He is presently working at the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus, investigating applications of large and emergent technologies on the cusp of consumer application, including a 10-metre tall digital display, an experimental Audio Lab, and a number of virtual reality and motion-capture interfaces. As part of this work, Mandel teaches the course “Hybrid Digital Media: Listening Technology and Design”.

Mandel also maintains an active music practice with his project Spoke And Mirror in which he composes dub-inflected timbral experiments which explore tensions between noise & harmony, as well as polyrhythm & groove. His work emphasizes an aesthetic of liminal failure and in his live performances he blurs live & DJ performance by incorporating an array of live elements and conducting improvised looping in a customized Ableton Live setup.

He is also a founding member of the Waterloo Tape Music Club, a creative collective & community organization operating at the nexus of sound design, circuit bending, improvisation, and psychoacoustics. The WTMC premiered its experimental visual & sound art project “Interference” at the Fluxible UX Festival as well as their “Penduli” installation at Maker Expo.

Sep 29 | 18:00 Rally Ossington