Recontextualizing Cultural Experiences: A Discussion on Alternative Space

RECONTEXTUALIZING CULTURAL EXPERIENCE is a discussion centered around various Toronto-based music organizers who have strayed from the conventional venue setting to put music in truly unique alternative spaces (and in turn raising the bar for what comes next). This talk is intended to dig into each organizer's creative process, learn from their experience and determine what (if any) barriers exist in opening Toronto up to wildly immersive and truly creative experiences.

Tad Michalak (Burn Down the Capital/ Feast in the East)
Daniel Vila (Extermination Music Night/ Double Double Land)
Nancy Chen (Foundry, Mansion)
Denholm Whale (The Garage, Buzz Records, No Fest)
Jay Pollard (Geary Lane, Invocation)
Tim McCready (159 Manning)
Veronica Barton (Luminato)
Jason Wydra (Soybomb)

Date / Time
Jan 28 | 19:00

CU Gallery
1161 Dundas St. W., Toronto

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