Live performance: Nailbiter + Guests

Rhythms + Drones, Nailbiter Collaborations

Starts with an Integrated A/V set by RUIN & visuals throughout the night by Phil Balje. 9:30pm
Set 1 Schønsee (Ami/Scarlett) and Nailbiter 10:15pm
Set 2 FakeNails (Members of Fake Palms & Nailbiter) 11:00pm
Set 3 Mike & Josh Live Hardware Techno 11:30pm
DJ Coarse Language (Jon Shouten) Midnight-TheyKickUsOut
DJ Jimmy Magic (AKA HDD James Mejia) In between sets

A transitional project leaning more on the exploration of sounds and rhythms than melodies and popular structures of other associated acts. Heavily Influenced by early Industrial music NAILBITER is an outlet with no barricades and many of its sounds on the record and live performances are in the moment. There is a constant theme of tension and anxiety in the music that may leave you in a trance like state. - Hand Drawn Dracula

Date / Time
Feb 20 | 21:00

CU Gallery
1161 Dundas St. W., Toronto

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