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CU Gallery Opening Night with Matrox + Digits DJs
Jan 20 2016 | 19:00
installations concerts
Join us for the opening night of Endless City's temporary gallery with the launch of Castor Design's CU collection, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the prevalence of copper in contemporary design followed by a live performance by MATROX.

Lacking in Function: The State of Design Infrastructure in Canada
Jan 22 2016 | 19:00
Toronto designers discuss experiences at home and abroad focusing on the challenges present in Canada's current design landscape, from manufacturing and retails to exhibitions and public support. Panelists: Emil Teleki (IV Studio) Brian Richer (Castor Design) Michal Maciej Bartosik (Designer/...

Brigitte Bardon't + Babel + Bodies That Matter
Jan 28 2016 | 19:00
Live performances from BRIGITTE BARDON'T Presenting Drone Therapy 101, BABEL+ BODIES THAT MATTER. Visions and ambience by FAÇADE MONTAGE & PHILIP BALJEU. The first of a 3 specially curated nights by INVOCATION at the Endless City's CU temporary gallery space....

Recontextualizing Cultural Experiences: A Discussion on Alternative Space
Jan 28 2016 | 19:00
RECONTEXTUALIZING CULTURAL EXPERIENCE is a discussion centered around various Toronto-based music organizers who have strayed from the conventional venue setting to put music in truly unique alternative spaces (and in turn raising the bar for what comes next). This talk...

Jan 30 2016 | 21:00
Presented by Innovation HEXZUUL vs. MANDLEBRUT, MYSTIC TRIANGLE presenting 'Wet Work', CERAMIC TL and KHOBRA. Visions and ambience by FAÇADE MONTAGE & PHILIP BALJEU. Photo by: Artur Augustynowicz

Eat Your Copper: a metallic-themed dinner with chef Matty Matheson + Castor Design
Feb 03 2016 | 19:00
Join Chef Matty Matheson (Parts & Labour/Viceland) + Castor Design for a weird night of food experimentation with edible copper and fancy meats in Endless City’s one-night-only "restaurant". Menu will include Castor soup, copper venison + root vegetables, dessert by...

Castor Design vs OCAD University Design Hack
Feb 06 2016 | 14:00
Please join us at the OCAD x Castor CU Design Hack event taking place this Saturday, February 6th at 1161 Dundas St. West during Endless City [Vol 1]. Feel free to drop by during the day (12-8pm) to see work...

Live Performance: CASUAL DRONES 15.1
Feb 11 2016 | 21:00
Casual Drones and #façadeMontage: curate 3 very special nights of sound and visual experiments at the CU Gallery. Endless [CASUAL DRONES] Night 1 11:30 - Michael le Riche [FAKE PALMS] ft. Josh Korody [NAILBITER, BELIEFS], and Simone Tisshaw-Baril [DARLENE SHRUGG]...

Live Performance: CASUAL DRONES 15.2
Feb 12 2016 | 21:00
Casual Drones and #façadeMontage: curate 3 very special nights of sound and visual experiments at the CU Gallery. Endless [CASUAL DRONES] Night 2 11:30 - Kris Bowering [CROSSS], ft. Anna Mayberry [ANAMAI], and Bri Salmela [FRIGS] and special Secrect Guest...

Live Performance: CASUAL DRONES 15.3
Feb 13 2016 | 21:00
Casual Drones and #façadeMontage: curate 3 very special nights of sound and visual experiments at the CU Gallery. Endless [CASUAL DRONES] Night 3 SATURDAY 13th - NIGHT III 11:30 - Brian Hawkeye Pierce & Sid Wolffang Tangerine [OSMOS] "An ongoing...

Live Performance: Fresh Snow, Andrew Roy, Blue Light
Feb 19 2016 | 20:00
A special performance by Fresh Snow with guest vocals by Carmen Elle (DIANA) Musical guests include: Andrew Roy (of Etiquette) Blue Light (of Crosss, Shønsee) Presented by Moog Audio & Hand Drawn Dracula Photo by: Yosh Cooper

Music Workshop: Intro to Synthesizers
Feb 20 2016 | 11:30
A demonstration on synth basics for absolute beginners. This will cover VCO, VCF, VCA style synthesis. 11:30am: Participant arrival 12-2pm: tech wizard Nyles Miszczyk will walk participants through synth basics including VCO, VCF, VCA styles during this synth workshop. 2-2:30pm:...

Live performance: Nailbiter + Guests
Feb 20 2016 | 21:00
Rhythms + Drones, Nailbiter Collaborations Starts with an Integrated A/V set by RUIN & visuals throughout the night by Phil Balje. 9:30pm Set 1 Schønsee (Ami/Scarlett) and Nailbiter 10:15pm Set 2 FakeNails (Members of Fake Palms & Nailbiter) 11:00pm Set...

Music Workshop: Intro to Home Studios
Feb 21 2016 | 13:00
Presented by Moog Audio + Hand Drawn Dracula INTERESTED IN SETTING UP A HOME STUDIO? 11:30am: Participant arrival 12-2pm: Moog Audio Interactive Studio: A fully functional “home studio” setup showcasing the latest in popular technology. Participants are encouraged to add...

DIY Label talk + Live performance: Not The Wind, Not The Flag + Fleshtone Aura + Doom Tickler + Brothers In Milk
Feb 25 2016 | 19:00
talks concerts
Burn Down The Capital & Inyrdisk presents: This event - part retrospective, part discussion, part performance - celebrates the influential 10 year run of Toronto-based record label Inyrdisk. Presented by Burn Down The Capital, a Toronto concert producer focusing on...