Tad Michalak

Tad Michalak has a knack for bringing people together. Whether he's getting bands from across the world to meet in loft spaces, coaxing west-end art lovers east of Yonge with the promise of music and a meal, or tempting record buyers of all ages to leave their comfort zones with Offerings Magazine, Michalak is all about building community in Toronto's music world.

In 2011, Michalak started Feast in the East, a monthly series in Toronto's east end which combines food (the feast) with music and art, hosting local musicians like Isla Craig and Absolutely Free. The series has taken off, and my best advice now is to go early, and dress light: bands playing the feast are often as out there as Toronto gets--think noise, improv and freak folk--but the shows are always packed with people.

Though Feast in the East might be Michalak's current claim to fame, the music loving east-ender has actually been promoting shows in Toronto since 2005 as Burn Down the Capital, booking artists such as Bill Orcutt, Keiji Haino, Nadja, Aids Wolf, Daedalus and Yamantaka // Sonic Titan at venues like The Boat, Sneaky Dee's, The Music Gallery and The Garrison, as well as artist-run venues like the Dickens Street Theatre, Double Double Land and Placebo Space. His bills vary widely in genre but focus on the experimental and avant-garde--which might be why Burn Down the Capital is still under your radar." -Blog TO