Jay Pollard

Jay Pollard, Invocation

Invocation TO will be the full realization of what Jason helped create with production duo Man Finds Fire, who put on the first year of shows at Geary Lane. As a music curator with an insatiable appetite for working with cutting edge bands, Jason found the constraints of having only monthly one-off events, limiting. The hype surrounding Geary Lane and some of the shows that took place there, led to many offers from Booking Agents throughout North America and Europe looking for unique environments for their touring artists.

Invocation TO will provide a platform to showcase the plethora of new and exciting artists that Jason has crossed paths with, and do so on a more consistent basis. It doesn’t stop there… Invocation TO carries a localized abbreviation, as it intends to become a national and even international entity, exploring the experimental communities of other cities and countries.