Daniel Vila

There are bars and clubs in Toronto, but there is nothing quite like Double Double Land, located at 209 Augusta Avenue. The Kensington Market spot for all things offbeat has gained a reputation for its eclectic programming and well-kept space -- though it exists well below most radars. This is not your typical boombox club you'd find on Richmond Street. It's more like an art studio apartment, a very intimate place with no sign outside."

"The space used to be a second-floor apartment but when four friends took over the space in September, 2009 (Steve Thomas, a fiction writer, Daniel Vila, a musician and artist, Jon McCurley, a playwright and artist, and Rob Gordon, a musician and DJ best known for his work with Owen Pallett), they transformed it into a community hub where all things arty shake down, booties included."

"They're part of a new wave of indie do-it-yourself art spaces in Toronto where you build your living room into a studio, exhibition or venue space and then live behind the white walls."

"It has been called many things: a performance space, an apartment-slash-venue, a multi-use space, an artist's studio and a collective." "But the soul of Double Double resides deep within what they have to give. Part-community center, they are constantly lending out speakers, mixers, generators and projectors to friends in the neighbourhood." - Yonge Street Media