Brigitte Bardon't

(Drone Therapy) “Drone's slow moving ambience and long repetitive tones position it as a soothing genre, suitable for relaxation, meditation, and theraputic practices. Drone can also contain harsher vibes, just as therapy can also produce anxiety as it attempts to lessen it. In Drone Therapy’s first live show, Brigitte Bardon’t will present her humorous and devastating experiences with therapy leading up to and including CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) while performing a live radio drone set. Future Drone Therapy shows will switch to group sessions. ‘My hope is that in sharing text material and my own theraputic experiences through humour in a way that mimicks these online pundits, I may be able to help viewers who face similar struggles, thus becoming a non-ironic self-help guru myself. (Trust no one.)’"

Jan 28 | CU Gallery | Door: 7:00PM