Creators of Pop-Up City to talk at FORMS

Pop-Up City is a widely read urban culture and design blog featuring inspiring projects initiated by people who actively and creatively transform public spaces. It celebrates the social energy of cities, focusing on "city­ making" and emphasizing a city's people and innovative ideas, as opposed to traditional "city ­planning", which approaches urbanism from a more structural, physical, and permanent standpoint. This 'soft' perspective can adapt to a city's constantly changing needs and seamlessly incorporates the rise of online media and technology as powerful tools for community transformation.

The site was launched in 2008 by Jeroen Beekmans and Joop de Boer of Amsterdam-based urban development agency Golfstromen out of a fascination around how citizens, organizations, enterprises, and governments were increasingly developing creative and flexible solutions to deal with the new urban dynamic of their city.  As a result of this research, Pop-Up City has constructed an interesting set of key indicators and mapping tools to identify the borders of the “gentrification frontline” to predict future acceleration.

Pop-Up City’s frontline project has exhibited at the MOMA in New York City, Mediamatic in Amsterdam and most recently Northside Festival’s Innovation Series in Brooklyn, where the Pop-Up City team began to map the gentrification frontline in Brooklyn.   Leading up to their presentation at FORMS, Pop-Up City will be compiling information on the newly re-named Lower Junction Triangle.  As part of their presentation, they will show how their key indicators work by reporting on their findings between Amsterdam, Brooklyn and Toronto.

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